Beneficial for body and mind

A japanese training method that is stimulating and influences the purification of body and mind.
Art of defense, built on the strengths of the inner life (Ki), which leads to a healthy and balanced life.
Strengthens the immune system, blood circulation in the body, internal organs, the respiratory system as well as the muscle and the cardiac structure.

The way to greater confidence

Do you feel insecure when you are out at night? Are you afraid of physical or verbal harassment? Would you feel safer? Confidence can be learned! With little theory and lots of practical exercises, you will learn to avoid the potential risk behaviors and strengthen your confidence. Practice of behavioral reflexes to be able to act - in case of emergency and in everyday life.




Morihei Ueshiba was born on 14 December 1883 in Nishinotani, and died in Iwama on April 26, 1969. He was the fourth child and eldest son of a wealthy family. His father, Ueshiba Yoroku was a respected farmer and his mother, Yuki Itokawa was from a noble family that owned land. At the age of about seven years, at the request of his father, Ueshiba studied Confucianism and Buddhism. His father taught him Sumo and swimming too. Ueshiba had graduated from Middle school in Tanabe. Then at the age of seventeen, he was in high school, but not for long, because he preferred to continue his studies at the economy School in Yoshida.

Because (ai = connect, combine) form a unit with (ai = love), I decided to call my form of budo "ai-ki-do"...







Hikitsuchi Michio, 10. Dan

Hikitsuchi Michio Sensei was born on 14 July 1923 in the region of Kumano, † 2.2.2004. Since he was nine, he busied himself with the Japenese Budo and the Shinto Philosophy. At the age of 14 years, he met Morihei Ueshiba, founder of aikido, whose he will be the student for forty years. O'Sensei also helped build the Kumano Juku Dojo and he used to come to the dojo to teach, and also make pilgrimages in Kumano.

As the only student of Morihei Ueshiba, Michio Hikitsuchi personally received in 1969 the 10. Dan from his master, a few months before his death. At the same time, he has received the written consent of teaching with the long stick of Aikido (Masakatsu Bojutsu) and the sword (Sho Chiku Bai No Ken). Michio Hikitsuchi lived in Shingu, a small coastal town in the Japanese prefecture of Wakayama. He died on 2 February 2004. He was my teacher for 20 years, and his knowledge, his wonderful nature and his being persist and continue to live in Japan and worldwide.



Motomichi Anno Sensei, 8. Dan - Funada Kishu Aikikai Dojo-Japan

Motomichi Anno Sensei has studied under O Sensei at young age and has been in the meantime practicing and teaching Aikido for over 60 years.
He has been teaching next to Michio Hikitsuchi Sensei at the Kumano Juku Dojo in Shingu, then he has been teaching many seminars in Europe and America – he came several times in Centre Kumano in Switzerland as well as in Santa Cruz invited by Linda Holiday Sensei - and his teaching has become so popular. He teaches from the very basic Aikido movements to incredible powerful and beautiful and so harmonious techniques. In his private time he practices the art of calligraphy and has drawn a lot of wonderful calligraphies. Many of them have been given to Aikidokas from all over the world. Those spiritual messages and thoughts about Budo, love and harmony have helped people and gave them wonderful inputs for their lives. And so many Dojos have been guided by his so deep knowledge of Budo, and all the spiritual aspects of the Aikido Philosophy. After Hikitsuchi Sensei passed away in 2004 he became Dojo-Cho of the Kumano Juku Dojo and he made incredible efforts for all the Aikidokas there as well as supported the whole Aikido society throughout the world.
Many foreigners went and keep on going there to study Aikido at the roots every year. And all of them are guided by Anno Sensei’s so caring, precise and beautiful teaching. Anno Sensei has been and is still spreading his experience, his enthusiasm and his happiness for practicing Budo to all his students all around the world.

April 2015 Hine Kiichi Sensei And Anno Motomichi Sensei founds the Funada Kishu Aikikai Dojo in Funada whose Dojo-Cho is Anno Sensei. The Funada Dojo is affirmed to Hombu Dojo in Tokyo while six others Dojos of the Mie province are affiliated to Funada Dojo. Both Hine Sensei and Anno Sensei are teaching there.

Thanks to his positive and constructive spirit, Anno Sensei helped and helps thousands of aikidoists all over the world to see and live the fascinating beauty of this martial art, the beauty of our world and the gratitude of being alive. May he here be warmly and sincerely thanked.

Jürg Steiner