Centre Kumano Dojo

Centre Kumano Dojo

Centre Kumano Dojo

Centre Kumano Dojo

Centre Kumano Dojo

Centre Kumano Dojo

Centre Kumano Dojo

Aikido is more than a martial art-its a way of life and  and an education for life.

We welcome you at the Centre Kumano.

Sincerely, Jürg Steiner
7. Dan Aikikai Japan

Centre Kumano


After 20 years of deepened study and practice of Aikido,  Jürg Steiner,  presently 7th Dan, opened the Centre Kumano in 2000 in Biel/Bienne.

The manager of Centre Kumano has been living and practicing Aikido for 12 years in Shingu, Japan, where he could follow the teaching of Michio Hikitsuchi Sensei and Motomichi Anno Sensei since 1985. During those years of intensive practice he lived as Uchideshi – student dwelling in the dojo or in the neighborhood –  and attended the two daily practices in the early morning and in the evening. He also accompanied Hikitsuchi Sensei during all his travels to Finland and France as well as during all his aikido demonstrations across Japan. In this context he was in charge of translating Hikitsuchi’s sensei teachings in French, German and English, and often was his Uke.

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In 2000, Hikitsuchi approved Jürg Steiner’s decision to open a Dojo in Bienne in order to transmit in Switzerland and worldwide the teachings he received in Japan from Hikitsuchi and Anno Senseis, as well as the aikido from Kumano Juku Dojo in Shingu. Anno Sensei came to the Centre Kumano for the official opening and will be coming again several times to teach.

Anno Sensei and Shihans or Senseis from Funada Kishu Aikikai Dojo are regularly invited to the Centre Kumano since it was created.

Every year the Centre Kumano organizes an international seminar with experienced Japanese Aikido masters to offer the opportunity of direct teaching from Japan as well as to discover Japanese culture to all students.

Kyu and Dan exams
All Kyu exams take place in Centre Kumano Bienne under the authority of  Jürg Steiner Sensei, 6th  Dan. All Dan exams take place in Bienne and around the world under the authority of Jürg Steiner Sensei, 6th Dan. All certificates are delivered by the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo.

The guidelines for exams are subject to the Japanese system.
All guidelines are provided by the Hombu Dojo, Aikido Headquarter in Tokyo, as well as by the Kishu Kumano Aikikai Dojo. 

For the Kyu and Dan exams, the following criteria are taken into account: number of trainings,  minimal period of practicing, precision of the techniques,  attitude inside the Dojo, commitment, discipline and etiquette as well as physical and psychological abilities.

It is essential that every student, beginner to yudansha (black belt holder), can benefit from individual teaching. Yudansha are expected to assume responsibilities inside the Dojo and to teach with the authorization of the Sensei. It is important that they continue their formation on a regular basis by taking part in seminars.

Affiliated Dojos to Centre Kumano :
Jintsu Dojo Carouge Geneve .Veronique Tena 4. Dan
Aikido-ka Adelaide Australia. Dojo Cho Gianni Zandel, 4th Dan
Wako Dojo -Centre Kumano Thun. Dojo Cho, Franziska Joder, 4 Dan
Tenshin Dojo Bienne. Dojo Cho Laurent Jauch, 3rd Dan

Tallina Aikidoclubi Taikikai Tallinn. Dojo-Cho Rein Ausmees 5. Dan

Shinfukan Dojo, Marseille. Dojo-Cho Corinne Marie Dit Moisson,5. Dan

Hikari Aikido Dojo SA Adelaide Australia, Dojo-Cho Tony Rickets 3. Dan 


As manager of the Centre Kumano, Jürg Steiner Sensei teaches Aikido in Switzerland, and leads Aikido seminars in Australia, Estonia and in California (USA). In the context of seminars lead by Japanese Senseis he is in charge of the simultaneous translation in French, German and English of their teachings.

In order to improve again and again Jürg Steiner Sensei spends one month a year in Japan, under the authority of his teachers, at the very roots of this fascinating martial art. He puts his experience and his passion for Aikido to the unrestricted service of the Centre Kumano.



Jürg Steiner

Jürg Steiner is the chief instructor of Kumano Centre in Bienne. He has the 7. Dan Aikikai Hombu Dojo Japan. He practiced Aikido since 1980 and has lived in Japan for 12 years.  He spent many years Uchi-deshi and practiced with Hikitsuchi Michio Sensei and Anno Sensei.
He directs aikido classes in Australia, Europe and North California and he speaks fluent in Japanese. Each year, he spends at least a month in Japan in order to improve himself. He knows Japanese culture and particularly martial arts and Japanese philosophy.Each year, he received invitations from the Japanese masters to give seminars.